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“LLETS” TALK INCHES originated from a conversation between my mother, myself, and my sisters to start our first family business. The acronym LLET is the first initial in each of our first names. My mother who’s name is Laverne, my baby sister’s name is Legacie, my name is Eddriss, and my middle sister’s name is Tanzir. Having a family-oriented business has always been a dream of mine, and this has been the best decision I've ever made.


Having the opportunity to serve as a go-to for many women to look and feel beautiful is an honor. It is true that hard work goes along with a business, but I see a lot of potential in myself, my sisters, and my mother.


As a result of being in love with hair and having a passion for it, I began selling bundles towards the end of 2018. My passion for hair extends beyond selling it, as I am a hairstylist who completed a cosmetology degree in 2014.


I believe that when a woman has her hair done it just brings out the inner glow in us! We take pride in our hair, and units/bundles help enhance our beauty!


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